Claudia Zhu
1 min readFeb 17, 2021

hello and welcome to my page

my name is Claudia Zhu and I am a new grad from Penn with a degree in Computer Science. I am looking for cool opportunities involving algorithms, math, cryptography, and/or machine learning.

Intro to come, but feel free to check out some of my final projects that I have done in my time here at Penn!


Divisors in Toric Varieties

Toric Varieties in Singular Learning

Computer Science/Data Science Projects

Computational Complexity Talk

Talk on Efficient Learning Algorithms Yield Circuit Lower Bounds

Advanced Computer Vision Final Project

Improved state of the art TSM video frame selection using GCN and transformer model (Fall 2020)

Improving Machine Translation

Used Transformer based image recognition and various metrics to select the best out of several translation candidates (Fall 2020)

Computational Learning Theory Final Project

Literature review of distribution learning theory (Fall 2020)

Computer Aided Verification Final Project

Experimentation and review of Maribou and Charon, a neural network verification algorithm (Spring 2020)

Algorithmic Game Theory Final Project

Analysis of various algorithms to achieve envy free equilibria for roomate rent and room division (Spring 2020)

Citadel Datathon

Data analysis of insolarity in bike share data (Fall 2019)